For events we've devised this suggested package to make organising easier for you.  This is tried and tested and we've found this suits most occasions and budgets.  But we're flexible and this is just a suggestion.  If you need something different just let us know.

Band arrival at 6.30pm for set up before guests arriving from 7.30pm.  2 to 2 and a half hours of live performance split into 2 or 3 sets with finish at midnight. 


For background during guest arrival or while eating, and to continue the dancing during break time, we include recorded music powered by our dedicated sound system - (You can choose to provide your own compilation or use our selection of party classics).


We'll help you chose the timing of the live sets to best fit your programme.


If you would like to spend a little more we can arrange special rates for a live DJ in place of the recorded music - just let us know and we'll provide a separate quote.


Got a couple of favourite songs?  O.k we'll learn them to personalise your celebration.

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